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‘He Wasn’t Drugged Or Scammed’: Here’s What The Paceville Club At Centre Of A $15,000 Strip Club Adventure Had To Say

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The Paceville club at the centre of a man’s allegations that he was scammed out of over €10,000 on night drinking with working girls has come forward to Lovin Malta, here’s what they had to say:

“The person in question was not drugged from anyone in the club nor was he scammed from any money. He willingly paid for any services and drinks purchased.”

“These allegations put forward by this person are highly defamatory and legal action will be sought.”

“The truth is that this person came to the club and paid for the services and drinks purchased.”

“He left the club and came back again and purchased more services and drinks. He was becoming intoxicated so the Club refused to sell him more alcohol.”

“He got frustrated at being refused alcohol and went into the men’s bathroom and broke the door. He was then escorted by the police outside the Club and refused entry,” a spokesperson of the club told Lovin Malta.

Earlier today, a Canadian IT specialist working in Malta described how he had to call his wife on the eve of their 15-year-anniversary to explain that he’d cancelled their credit cards because they had been maxed out in a strip club.

After spending close to $2,000 on his first visit and being escorted out by a police officer, Bern re-entered the club and began ordering more drinks for the girls.

He stayed at the club until 8 am, only to discover that he maxed out the  $10,000 limit on his card. With his memory hazy, Bern claimed was drugged at some point in the night which led him to lose all inhibitions and just keep saying OK to all the things the women offered.

However, as noted this has been vehemently denied by the club, who for now is being kept anonymous.

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