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Health Worker Received One Month’s Pay ‘Due To Clerical Issue’

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A Maltese health worker who spoke out about issues related to being paid on time will now be receiving all her wages after a clerical error was noted, the Health Ministry has confirmed, saying her case was an “isolated one”.

“This particular health worker was not paid in time due to a clerical issue. Whilst this situation is regretted, the case was handled as soon as it was brought to our attention and this individual will be receiving all the wages due to date,” a ministry spokeswoman told Lovin Malta.

“The Ministry would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all the frontliners working at the swab centres for their excellent and dedicated service.”

The issue had come to light after a female health worker posted a status breaking down the conditions some health workers were finding themselves in.

The fact that she wasn’t being paid on time had received national attention; however, the ministry has confirmed that the situation will now be rectified.

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