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Here’s How Much Malta’s Politicians And Political Figures Are Getting Paid

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Malta’s politicians are always under the microscope (at often times through their own fault) with their indiscretions the regular focus of media reports.

However, with recent discussions surrounding claims over a secretive salary increase to cabinet members, which has since been proved wrong, Lovin Malta took a look at what sort of pay the country’s politicians and political figures are on.

All figures, which are publicly available, include salaries and all allowances provided. The sums do not include the €7,000 that politicians could potentially earn if they use their personal car.

1. The President of Malta: €70,000+*

2. The Attorney General: €70,000+*

3. The Prime Minister: €63,144.73

4. A Minister: €56,266

5. A Parliamentary Secretary: €53,974.13

6. The Chief Justice: €50,903

7. The Leader of the Opposition: €48,187

8. A Judge: €44,071

9. A Magistrate: €37,361

10. A Member of Parliament:  €21,145

*The full list of allowances could not be ascertained

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