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Here’s How You Can Check If You’re Eligible To Vote At Malta’s Next General Election

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If you want to double-check whether you’re eligible to vote at the next general election, you can verify with the Electoral Commission right now.

Just visit this link and find out whether you’re on the official electoral register published last week. You’ll also confirm which electoral district you’re eligible to vote in.

If you don’t find your name, or if your details are not showing up correctly, you have until Friday 21st May to appeal to a Revising Officer to have things corrected. All you have to do is contact the Electoral Office which is found at Evans Building in Valletta.

Similarly, if you spot someone on the list who should not be registered, you can petition the Electoral Office to get them removed.

The Electoral Commission’s website also contains the financial reports of the political parties contesting the election. Sadly, the most recent declarations are for 2018. The parties have delayed the publication of their accounts because of the pandemic.

PN recently said it had submitted its latest accounts but these have yet to be uploaded on the Electoral Commission’s website.

PL insists it can only approve its accounts once restrictions on public gatherings are lifted.

Are you eligible to vote?

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