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Here’s What The Weather In Malta Looks Like For The Last Days Of Summer

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Summer officially comes to an end in three day’s time, but the sizzling sunshine won’t be letting up this week, even though there’s some rain expected on Sunday. 

This week will see temperatures constantly flirting with high 20s, regularly feeling very close to 30°C. 

On the plus side, winds will be reaching high Force 6 over the first half of the week, which will hopefully add a breeze to alleviate those high temperatures. Oh, and the UV index is finally down from the 10s to a much more bearable 6 and 7, so there’s also that.

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As far as that signature Maltese sun goes, the islands will still be getting their fair share of sunshine over this week. While clouds will show up for the last two days of summer, the chances of rain are predicted to not go much higher than 10%. 

Thursday, which is the first day of autumn and a public holiday to mark Malta’s Independence Day, will see temperatures reaching 27°C, but will decrease to just 19°C overnight.

By the time the weekend arrives, the wind will go back down to an average of Force 3, and the temperature will feel like 30°C all over again. 

The end of the first weekend of autumn finally looks less like summer and more like what’s to come, with cloudy weather and potential showers. Some online forecasts also have Sunday listed with scattered thunderstorms and a 50% chance of rainfall.

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