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Here’s Why The WHO Said Malta Has 15 COVID-19 Deaths When It’s Actually 14

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Confusion arose today across the Maltese islands after the World Health Organisation said that Malta had suffered another COVID-19 death, raising the number to 15 deaths… even though the official government line remained 14 deaths.

The discrepancy seemingly arose after a Sudanese man who attempted to escape the closed centre at Ħal Far in the middle of the night died after falling on a fence. This man was COVID-19 positive, and the WHO attributed his death to COVID-19, even though his death resulted from injuries obtained during his escape, according to the government.

The method used to update global statistics may be to blame here.

While it is yet to be confirmed by either the government or the WHO, the international organisation seemingly uses a system that includes statistics not provided by an official government source. And because this man was COVID-19 positive, his death may have been attributed to the virus.

As it stands, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control is reporting 14 deaths.

The government is now reaching out to the WHO to see where the incorrect information may have been obtained from.

What do you think of this development?

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