Here's Why You MUST Sign The Morning-After Pill Petition

'A vote in favour of these recommendations, means a vote against women'

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An online petition if going around urging Parliament to reject the proposals made this week by a committee of MPs regarding the morning-after pill. 

According to the recommendations, once the morning-after pill is licensed in Malta it should only be dispensed by prescription, meaning women will be forced to ask for permission from their doctors before taking the pill.

Here are five reasons to sign the petition, in the words of those who started it:

1. Gender equality, duh

"Not only do these recommendations go against the very core of gender equality, by removing a woman’s right to take the best decision for her wellbeing, but this decision is also rooted not in a general regard for a woman’s health but a need to control the bodies and lives of women."

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2. When it comes to emergency contraception, speed is of the essence

"Adding the extra, and unnecessary hurdle of obtaining a prescription lengthens the process and limits access to the medication."

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3. Pharmacists should be trusted to dispense information

"Since our educational systems are considered to be on par with those of our European and international counterparts, it is unnecessary not to trust pharmacists with the task of properly informing those who seek to use the medication about its use and side effects."

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4. What about victims of sexual assault? 

"This decision also does not take into consideration the needs of victims of sexual assault, who very often do not approach authorities about the assault until they are ready. Without immediate access to Emergency Contraceptives, women who are still under the shock of sexual assault, especially in cases where the abuser is known to the victim, may end up losing the time-window in which the medication can be utilised. We urge you to be on these women’s side."

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5. Women are not there to be controlled

"A vote in favour of these recommendations, means a vote against women. We urge you to take a strong stand in favour of human rights, of bodily autonomy, of empowerment and of respect for the strong, independent women in our societies wanting to take control of their lives, ready to contribute to our economies, democracies, civil societies and our schools."

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What do you make of the recommendations made by MPs this week? Will you be signing the petition? Tell us on Facebook or in the comments below. 

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