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‘He’s Coming Home’: Wind And Current Turn In Neil Agius’s Favour As He Approaches 90km Mark With Malta In Sight 

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The current and wind have turned in Neil Agius’s favour as he approaches the 90km mark in his attempt to break the world record for the longest unassisted open water swim. 

Agius set off from Linosa on Monday evening and has so far swam 85.2km. The current record stands at 124.4km.

“The wind and current are now in Neil’s favour, even though there is a slight swell. The excitement and positive mindset of the crew is palpable through their short Sat Nav messages. Neil’s pace has increased from an average 2.5km per hour to 3.2km per hour. Morale is super. They can see Malta,” read the latest update by Agius’s team. “He’s coming home.” 

Agius had estimated that it would take him between 50 and 55 hours to complete the swim, with his team saying it would have a better indication as to what time Agius will be arriving as he comes closer to Malta.

You can follow Neil’s historic swim here.

Agius is being accompanied by five sailing boats and two RHIBs with some 32 crew members on board.

In the meantime, the Wave of Change team have continued with their appeals to the public to collect six pieces of plastic and do a few reps of exercise as a show of support for Agius.

He was originally planning to cross the Mediterranean from Tunisia to Sicily but had to change his plans at the last minute due to the bad weather. 

The change in route however does not make the swim any easier or less of a challenge. “All the exact same restrictions apply. It is still set to be a 50 to 55-hour non-stop swim,” Agius said ahead of the race.

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