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Holy Week Is Here… But What Will The Weather In Malta Be Like This Year?

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Despite the short spell of rain in the morning, Palm Sunday was generally a very sunny, picnic or BBQ-friendly day for many around the islands. But with Holy Week now finally in full swing, what will the weather in Malta be like for the next couple of days? And will the urban legend of the annual overcast and stormy Good Friday be proven wrong this year?

Judging by the Malta International Airport’s weather forecast, it looks like today might be the worst day as far as this week is concerned. The possibly rainy start to Holy Week seems to also be its coolest, with highs of 18°C only being made cooler thanks to the Northwesterly winds of Force 6. Tomorrow, in contrast, it’s set to be a mainly sunny day, with the next three days setting the scene for a more stable but cloudy run-up to Good Friday.

In fact, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all showing forecasts of partly cloudy days with varying levels of warm highs. And it looks like Thursday’s 20°C and mild winds of Force 2 and 3 will be this week’s finest, as the nights’ lows of 12°C stabilise throughout the rest of the days.

And as for Good Friday?

Well, it doesn’t look too bad: partly cloudy, highs of 19°C and lows of 12°C. The southeasterly winds might go up to Force 5 though, so it might be best to pull out a hoodie for the weekend’s first evening.

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