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How Much Is A Life Worth? Man’s Death In Mosta Lands Construction Company Director €10,000 Fine

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The director of a construction company was fined €10,000 by the courts after his negligence of health and safety regulations led to the death of a worker on one of his sites.

The man, a Liberian national, died in on 11th March 2014 while working on a site along Triq il-Pont in Mosta. The worker fell a height of four storeys while cleaning excess concrete and died on the spot.

He was not wearing protective gear, like a safety harness. He was also left alone on the site despite having never trained in occupational health and safety.

“The death could have been easily avoided,” the Occupational Health and Safety Authority said in a statement.

Magistrate Nadine Lia found the director guilty of failing to ensure the health and safety of his employees and provide them with protective gear or adequate training.

He also failed to take other protective measures while his employees work from high heights, like provide them with safety harnesses.

Construction is the most fatal industry in Malta, accounting for more than half of all work-related deaths. Accidents, which often go unreported but still leaving life long damage for its victims, are also widespread.

Meanwhile, the industry has long faced criticism for acting above the law, with the enforcement of regulations often claimed to be non-existent. With buildings falling and people dying, the government has pledged to take action.

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