Hugo Chetcuti Murder Suspect Had Self-Harmed In Prison, Officially Changed His Name

Suspect is believed to have served jail time in Serbia for carrying out an armed robbery


Left: Late Paceville mogul Hugo Chetcuti, Right: murder suspect Bojan Cmelik

The man charged with the murder of Paceville mogul Hugo Chetcuti had self-harmed while in prison, in all likelihood in Serbia, a few years ago.

As court proceedings against Bojan Cmelik continued today, medical expert Mario Scerri described in detail the stab wounds on Chetcuti’s body as well as the mild injuries sustained by the suspect during his altercation with the police.

A medical analysis of Cmelik’s body also revealed old scars on his abdomen, which the murder suspect confirmed were self-inflicted ones “when he was in prison”.

No more details were given, but the story tallies with information provided to Lovin Malta by an old acquaintance of Cmelik, who insisted the suspect’s real name is Bojan Mitić and that he had been jailed in Serbia for carrying out an armed robbery.

Indeed, prosecuting officer Nikolai Sant confirmed in court today- after receiving information from Europol and Interpol - that the suspect had changed his surname from Mitić to Cmelik in December 2016.

In today’s court sitting, magistrate Marsanne Farrugia heard testimonies of a number of court experts who were assigned to the murder case. Court expert Martin Bajada recounted the CCTV footage he had analysed from three Paceville establishments - Hugo’s Pub, Hugo’s Boutique Hotel and Bar Native. The footage shows that Cmelik started walking up St Rita’s Steps at around 10:08 on Friday, 6th July.

The suspect could be seen approaching Chetcuti, who was sitting down in front of his new seafood and cocktail bar, hugging him, stabbing him in the stomach and running away through the alleyway leading up to Hugo’s Boutique Hotel.

Several of Chetcuti’s employees had already told police that the suspect had been hovering around the area all day, ostensibly waiting for the businessman to arrive.

After studying the knife used to stab Chetcuti, court expert Marisa Cassar also found DNA from an unknown third person (neither Chetcuti nor Cmelik) on the blade.

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