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‘I Am Lucky To Be Alive’: MP Robert Arrigo Recounts Car Crash Incident And Explains Why He Decided Not To Go To Hospital

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Nationalist MP and outgoing deputy leader Robert Arrigo has said he is lucky to be alive after a car crash he was involved in while driving near Castille last Monday.

“I was hit by a young man and got spun round and tried not to go over into the ditch and hit a parked car,” Arrigo explained. “The rear wheel was found some 20 metres away. It was rather ugly.”

He said Robert Abela heard the bang and personally came out of Castille to see him and that he used the occasion to urge the Prime Minister to introduce more financial measures to help workers struggling with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis.

PN leader Adrian Delia, fellow deputy Leader David Agius, PN MPs Karol Aquilina and Claudette Buttigieg, Family Minister Michael Farrugia and former Health Minister Louis Deguara, among others, all stopped to assist him.

Despite only narrowly escaping tragedy, Arrigo said he chose not to go into hospital after he came to the senses.

“The beds and services are better used for others instead of for me,” he explained, in what appeared to be a reference to COVID-19 patients.

“Besides a car totally lost, I am in good health, no collateral damage. Some whisky helped! Thank you to all, as I do not remember all who helped out.”

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