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‘I Am Still In Charge’: Adrian Delia Breaks Silence After PN MPs Push New Leader

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Embattled Opposition Leader Adrian Delia has spoken out after a day of speculation about who his successor would be.

“I am still the Party Leader and the Opposition Leader, for you,” Delia said. 

“We have found difficult times in front of us, tough moments that were brought about by our own people,” he said. “I was elected as the leader of this party so that together we can implement “The New Way” and I’ve tried time and time again for this to happen.”

He went on to say that the “old forces” fought hard against the “new way” and that their actions had left him hurt and “angry”.

He pledged to remain leader, and that actions would be taken “at the opportune time” in regards to the structure of the party.

“I am not going to lose heart ever, I am not going to abandon you or the party. Together we will overcome this obstacle, stronger than ever before.”

What do you think of Delia’s stance?

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