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‘We Can Give Jobs To 100 Maltese People’, Says ROCS CEO As He Defends Choice To Target Filipinos

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ROCS CEO Colin Aquilina has defended the company’s decision to put out a recruitment ad targeting Filipinos, arguing that this was the result of the limited manpower in Malta.

The ad went viral with many people criticising the company for issuing “illegal” and “discriminatory” ads.

In a statement sent to Lovin Malta, Aquilina argued that while he appreciated the feedback, Malta’s labour market required foreign workers and that was why such ads were necessary.

“The reality is that manpower supply in Malta, in all fields, is extremely limited and from what we are experiencing lately, it is not a question of wages. Foreign workers are being paid at par with Maltese. Some people have the impression that foreigners are being paid less, but this is pure fantasy,” he said.

“Additionally, rightly so, Maltese workers are always looking for better jobs and the reality is that Maltese people do not want to do certain jobs. Lately I heard politicians from either side stating these same facts and they experienced a back lash and ultimately had to retract their statements,” Aquilina added.

“Luckily in business, unlike politics, it is not a question of statements but of finding tangible solutions to real problems. If tomorrow I had to receive 100 employment applications from valuable Maltese candidates most probably, we would be able to provide employment for all and consequently come up with new projects as today probably HR supply is one of the few growth limiting factors.”

He said in the past years the number of foreigners working in Malta had increased dramatically as the Maltese economy was pushing labour supply demand to the highest levels ever.

“The market in general was not ready for such demand and ultimately, we as a country had no option but to seek alternate options for manpower and eventually export currency as this is a side effect which no one is currently mentioning. When I was younger Maltese people used to have two jobs (one full-time and one part-time). Now, rightly so, most Maltese want to have one job and foreigners are doing the extra jobs with the consequence that these people are sending their hard earned wages back to their country to support their families.”

Aquilina said this was a very complicated situation with no easy solution.

“However, I have always been taught that the only person who does not get criticised is the one who does not act, so even though I appreciate the feedback received, I suggest we all think hard about the above thoughts prior to judging.”

Aquilina added that at ROCS their motto is “For us I CAN is more important than IQ.”

“So to all those talented people out there I suggest if you really feel like a challenge, a long term career, a secure future and a job where you can go from good to great than send an email today on [email protected] I will be more than happy to meet you personally (no matter where you come from!),” he added.

What do you think of his arguments?

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