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“I Can’t Be Happier That That Accident Occurred”: Maltese Man Recalls Life-Changing Moment He Survived Horrific Traffic Accident

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Six years ago, 25-year-old Chris Farrugia was involved in a horrific traffic accident that nearly claimed the young Maltese man’s life. Having successfully recovered and moved on, Chris took to Facebook yesterday to remember that life-changing moment… one which he’s actually very grateful for.

“Looking back now, I can’t be happier that that accident occurred,” Chris said of that September day in 2012. Driving down the Rabat bypass from Żebbug at around 5pm, Chris had lost control of his white Hyundai Accent, hitting the pavement and eventually a tree.

The car sustained a shocking amount of damage, while Chris himself was certified of having grievous injuries. “A couple of broken bones, a terrible shock and two months in bed” later, Chris was finally ready to kickstart his life all over again.

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“I am posting this to show the immense gratitude to every person that helped me throughout these past six years.”

“It was in those times and the times after the accident that forged me into the person I am today and also I could see the true meaning of love and true friendship as everyone came forward to help me in the darkest times of my life,” Chris opened up on Facebook. “I am posting this to show the immense gratitude to every person that helped me throughout these past six years. I managed to build some amazing friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.”

“I was amazingly lucky to have such an amazing six years which I managed to fulfill all my wildest dreams and beyond both in my career and my personal life,” Chris said of what some of his friends now affectionately call his ‘second birthday’. Nowadays, Chris is an editor, VFX artist, musician and photographer; a self-described “workaholic by nature, always boosted by aural propane”. In other words, he’s definitely made the most of every single day on this planet since that fateful afternoon in September 2012.

Before ending the status, however, Chris also took some time to dish out some important life advice.

“I also want to take the time to encourage any one who was thrown a curve ball in life and he feels down depressed and in despair to always remember that as cliche as it may sound, everything happens for a reason and that reason will reveal itself by time cos all that happens in ones past, happens for you to become a better version of yourself.

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