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‘I Can’t Even Have A Shower’: Parts Of Mġarr Keep Getting Their Water Cut Off

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People living in certain parts of Mġarr have had to deal with regular water outages over the last few months.

“Today – again no water,” a local resident, told Lovin Malta. “I can’t even have a shower.”

Charlie and other residents living in the Ta’ Mrejnu area have had to face water outages “every week”.

“This problem has been here for a long time, but this summer has seen weekly problems… it’s 2021 and having no water every few weeks is unacceptable.”

According to the resident, who has lived in the area for years, the issue stems from a pump that trips regularly, causing major issues with water pressure. He said he’s faced this issue for around four years.

“We’ll only notice after two days as we have water in the tank for two days, but when the tank runs out…”

A spokesperson from the Water Services Corporation told Lovin Malta the water suspensions were “related to ongoing projects that are currently underway aimed at strengthening the water network”.

The spokesperson referred to a water outage that occurred last week.

“With regards to Ta’ Mrejnu area, a bottleneck in the network was identified and rectified. Following this intervention, we shall closely monitor area to ensure that the expected results are obtained.”

However, with issues recurring today, residents have been left wondering if they’ll ever be able to rely on having water at home.

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