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‘I Can’t Wait!’: Red Bull Dance Champion Luke Mizzi Is Hyped To Represent Malta In South Africa

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A young Maltese dancer crowned this year’s Red Bull Dance Champion will be jetting off to represent the island in the international dance-offs – and he is ready for it.

Luke Mizzi, who represents the MVMT, wowed the crowd and took home the popular vote over the weekend at the Red Bull Dance Your Style event held at Chateau Buskett, Rabat.

The winner, which was decided by crowd votes, won after a blistering set of freestyle performances where he had to take on some of his very own friends and colleagues as well as some stiff competition.

Though practically all the dancers brought their A-game to the stage, which was surrounded by fans on all sides, Mizzi was able to take home the gold and will now be flying to Johannesburg, South Africa, to compete against some of the top dancers in the world.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Mizzi said he was “extremely grateful” for the opportunity to compete with such talented dancers both locally and abroad. 

“I can’t wait to represent Malta amongst some of the best dancers in South Africa,” Mizzi said. “No matter the final results, being in their presence will be a massive learning curve for me so I can bring back knowledge and skill to keep pushing the local scene. Thank you to all Red Bull organisers, my family at the MVMT and everyone who supported!

Luke Mizzi

Luke Mizzi

After being named the winner

After being named the winner

Mizzi won in a heated showdown with finalist Thea Sapiano.

16 dancers competed in the Maltese event: Sara Cardona, Leonel Viloria Aquino, Rebecca Millo, Thea Sapiano, Rylie Mahlangu, Maria Micallef, Martina Cardona, Mariah Cutajar, Rebekka Cardona, Chloe Scicluna, Ally Mifsud, Matthew Cilia, Krista Attard, Rhea Fenech, Luke Mizzi and Damian Buhagiar.

Each dancer brought their own unique style to the stage, with the crowd cheering with each completed move.

After the dance off, the crowd was treated to a live set by Maltese rapper Eddie Fresco ahead of his own international tour this week as well as a DJ set by Siconix which got the tables pumping.

Mizzi will now fly to South Africa to compete in the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals in Johannesburg, where he will battle it out with dancers from over the world – you can find out more by following this link.

Luke Mizzi will be appearing on Lovin Daily at 5.30pm this evening for his first live interview since being crowned champion – tune in to Lovin Malta’s Facebook page this evening to follow and show your support to the dancer.

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