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‘I Didn’t Break Any Law’: Organiser Of Infamous ‘Amerikana’ Egg-Pelting Bachelor Party Speaks Out

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The man who organised a bachelor party where a groom and a female entertainer were pelted with eggs in a video that became a major talking point around Malta has finally opened up in a lengthy post on social media.

Saying he took a while to reply because he has been abroad with his family, Nigel Attard said he wanted to clarify the situation.

“I’ve booked L-Amerikana for bachelor’s parties for my friends various times,” Attard said. “We called her from before, confirmed the price with her and always made it clear to her that at the end we were going to pelt her with eggs.”

Noting that the eggs used in the video were already broken and expired and that the event occurred at a private residence, he went on to explain how L-Amerikana had since thanked him for his support after many in Malta questioned her mental stability.

“Whatever she asked, we paid (from before), she always ate and drank for free, sometimes we even tipped her and last time we paid for her taxi back home,” he continued. “And all of this was agreed to with her from before and always with her blessing, without any force or any form of abuse.”

In the wake of the video, the Malta Police Force confirmed that no laws were broken and no police report was filed.

Attard went on to make various clarifications, including the fact that L-Amerikana is not even a stripper.

“At no point did she get naked and she was never indecent,” he said. “Her job is to dance, joke and mess with the groom and with the rest of the people.”

Attard continued on to respond to various points that have been raised in a national discussion on the ethics and morals surrounding the behaviour seen in the widely-shared video

He also responds to one of the major points of criticism: the appearance of a child in the video, who is seen to be especially enjoying pelting the woman with eggs.

“The boy that appears in the video with us is a member of the family of the groom himself. The boy was present at the private party and didn’t drink or break any law. He was having fun and continuing with us,” he said.

Along with his explanation, Attard also posted screenshots of text messages between himself and L-Amerikana.

What do you think of the organiser’s explanations?

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