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“I Didn’t Do Anything And Got A Pint Glass In The Face”

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Following the serious injuries he incurred which left him partially blinded last Saturday night, Ryan Magro spoke to Lovin Malta about his experience that night. 

Ryan, who works as a barman at Munchies, explained how he saw two men gradually getting very drunk. “They started hassling other patrons and acting very inappropriate with a lot of women, to the point that the owner asked them to leave,” Ryan said. “I’m pretty sure one of them was Serbian, and it seems like they both live close to the bar.”

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“I was having a cigarette outside when the two men were asked to leave, so I didn’t even have anything to do with it. I also didn’t see them coming, of course. One of them just came up to me and smashed a glass in my face. I only barely saw that they were the same two people from before, because as soon as I was attacked, they ran off. I didn’t do anything, and got a pint glass in the face.”

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Times of Malta reported the ophthalmologist informed Ryan’s family that he had “almost certainly” lost sight from his left eye. “This really happened for no reason,” Ryan’s mother Nathalie told Times of Malta. “The attack was totally unprovoked.” Ryan’s wife also came out to highlight this fact. “It was an unprovoked attack not a brawl, as stated in the paper,” she wrote on Facebook on Sunday afternoon.

The 28-year-old victim plays guitar for Ozzy Lino and also Malta’s Eurovision singer Claudia Fanniello, who posted a status earlier today to not only wish Ryan a speedy recovery, but also urging anyone who might have any additional information on the culprits to go to the police. 

Share this post to help find the people involved in this fight, and write to us at [email protected] if you have any information but wish to stay anonymous.

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