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‘I Feel Like An Alien In My Own Country’: The Rifffs Lead Singer Rants About Malta’s Culture Of Greed

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Veteran Maltese artist Ray Mercieca, known as the frontman of The Rifffs ska band, has said a rising culture of greed in Malta has left him feeling like an alien in his own country. 

“Fucking sad shit going on here. Too many deaf, dumb and blind greedy pricks are taking the cake and eating it at all, while the fools say ???? Lol do I need to say it? Sad shit guys,” Mercieca said on Facebook. 

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“Goodbye, Malta. It was great knowing you and your beauty and I’m sorry for what they’ve done to you, but I don’t think we can stop these assholes who will one day grow older and say ‘God, what have we done to our island?’. Sorry for my language, but there is no other way to say it. God help this once amazing child-friendly and loving island.” 

The Rifffs are one of Malta’s most famous bands and have been playing since the 1970s, with a long hiatus in between. Other than The Rifffs, Mercieca is also known as the lead vocalist of the former rock band The Characters.  

Do you agree with Ray Mercieca’s sentiments? 

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