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‘I Felt His Cold Blade On My Throat’ – Rockstar Describes Shocking Paceville Attack

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Rock singer Mikaela Attard has said she feels lucky to be alive after a Libyan man tried to kill her after robbing her handbag in Paceville last night. 

Mikaela said she and a friend were waiting for their friends to come out of a nightclub when they were assaulted by two men, one of whom promptly pulled out a jack knife and pressed it around her neck while grabbing her handbag. 

“He was pulling my bag and pressing his knife more and more with increasing anger and strength, shouting at us in the Libyan language,” she said. “Believe me, I resisted. I didn’t let go. As he pushed the knife more to my neck, I felt the raw coldness of the blade right under my chin. Right over my throat, just about to slide in any minute. But he got the better of me, he stole my bag and they started running…”

Mikaela and her friend chased the two men to The Playground club, but the one who robbed her handbag turned around and repeatedly tried to stab the singer in the stomach.

“Thankfully he missed every time because I was wearing a big puffy coat, otherwise we would probably have been dead by now. Just like that. All the music I’m writing, performing, playing, singing, no more.”

After failing to stab her, the two men ran off but the two girls gave chase again. This time, three security guards heard their cries, ran after the men and pinned one of them down until the police arrived on site and arrested him. According to Net News, he is being kept under observation in Mount Carmel. 

“We got lucky because of our strong perseverance, the security guards who went out of their way to catch this man, and the police who were on duty at St Julian’s station and responded to our call right away,” Mikaela said. “I cannot thank these security men and the police enough for helping my friend and I out of this.”

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