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‘I Found A Guy Shagging My Sheep’: St. Julian’s Farmer Catches Man Molesting His Flock

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A St. Julian’s farmer was unsurprisingly stunned to discover a man was having sex with his flock of sheep, after finding the suspect hidden in a stack of straw securing his waist-belt.

CCTV footage found that the man in question had broken into 63-year-old Ġiljan Attard’s enclosure at least four times and spent at least an hour each time with his 70 sheep.

“I knew something was wrong with them,” Attard told TVM’s Keith Demicoli, explaining that he noticed their unusual behaviour over the last few weeks.

“It’s not usual for them to huddle up in a corner like that. Then my nephew told me that someone is definitely breaking in and shagging your sheep!”

Security footage of the area shows a man entering Attard’s farm enclosure at least three times between 20th July and 14th August, spending at least an hour each time with the flock.

On 25th August, police were called and they found the man hiding in a stack of straw in the pen.

The man is expected to be charged in court with having illegally entered private property without permission.

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