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‘I Just Wish You Could’ve Seen Me In My White Dress’: Future Wife’s Beautiful Tribute After Gozitan Soldier’s Sudden Death

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A powerful and heartbreaking tribute from the loving partner of a young Gozitan soldier who recently passed away shows just how strong the bond between two people can truly be, no matter what happens.

“I’ve always said our loved ones live within us as we relive our memories of them. And that’s what I am going to do,” Jessica Rae said in a post that’s since gone viral for its poignancy and depth.

Rae wanted to remember Geordie Muscat, the 27-year-old Gozitan youth and soldier from Xagħra who recently passed away. Tributes have poured in for Muscat, who was known for his determination, caring nature and positive energy.

But Rae’s heartfelt message after his death is a reminder of how powerful true love is. 

“Neither of us expected love to blossom between us, and we would spend long nights chatting and staring into each other’s eyes, you simply saying ‘Jessica Rae’ and me responding with ‘Geordie Qaxxuri’,” she recounted of the beginning of their romantic relationship.

“As I write this, I can’t help but smile because I know how surprised we both were as well.”

Going through some of the things that sparked the passion between them, she recounted one small act he would do that would always raise her spirits and leave her grinning.

“You’d call me early in the morning as you were going to catch the ship for work, singing for me to wake up, and I’d complain a bit because you woke me up while laughing at me, but you’d give me the biggest smile hearing your voice to start the day!”

“You were full of happiness! With a heart of gold.”

Geordie and Jessica

Geordie and Jessica

She spoke about their plans to marry in 2022.

“We were planning to marry next year but as far as I’m concerned, I had already married you in my heart,” she said emotionally.

“I just wished you could have seen me in the white dress, in front of the altar, ready to build a family together with you.”

“Geordie, I love you deeply, more than ever before. I can’t promise you I’ll ever stop crying, but I am going to do what you wanted for me. Time heals all wounds, but my love for you will never die.”

Tributes poured in from the army, local festa groups as well as football groups who shared their condolences after the loss. 

And after he was buried, Geordie’s friends and loved ones remained on his grave, determined to never forget him.

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