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‘I Saw The Organiser Put In Handcuffs And Fled’: Young White Rocks Raver Breaks Down Viral Party

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A young raver who attended an illegal party that has gone viral has opened up about the night, and why she decided to attend.

The young woman, who spoke to Sidestreet about the night and asked to remain anonymous, details the moment police arrived and broke up the party at around 2.30am in an abandoned room hidden amongst the White Rocks Complex in Pembroke. The event was widely condemned on social media.

“All of a sudden the music just turned off and a sense of panic spread through the crowd. I could see the organisers being put into handcuffs, so I got out of there as soon as possible. Once the situation fizzled out I turned back to find my friend, but a police officer caught me and said “get out of here, just leave, now’,” she said. 

@lovinmaltaofficialVideos of a crowded rave that allegedly went down this weekend in Pembroke are going viral 👀 Thoughts? ##fyp ##fypmalta ##malta ##lovinmalta ##rave♬ original sound – Lovin Malta

Police broke up the party after receiving reports about the illegal rave. 

It is believed that around 100 to 150 ravers attended the event, with lights and an audio set-up playing music at a high volume set up. In a video of the party, people can be seen having the time of their life, jumping and singing to the music.

Social gatherings of this type are strictly banned in Malta due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the rave attendee explained that fatigue over social distancing laws was enough to convince her to attend.

“I got invited through a forwarded message on WhatsApp, we were told to keep the event on the hush to avoid drawing attention,” the attendee explained. “Of course it was a risk, of course it was probably the stupid thing to do, but it just seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up. I had been craving something like this for ages.”

“I missed this, it’s exciting, I missed the feeling, I missed being around people, I hadn’t seen a crowd like that in over a year,” she ended.

Since the video went viral on Maltese social media, the police have identified and are set to charge the organiser accordingly.

What do you make of this raver’s experience and perspective?

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