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I Took The First Step To Making My Son’s Dream Come True… While He Was In Surgery

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Sarah Cachia, the woman who broke the internet with her heartfelt post about her son’s first trip to PV, has done it again! Two weeks ago, while the Titanium Man (Jacob Cachia) was in surgery, his parents decided to take a leap of faith…

As my son Jacob (aka Titanium Man) went in for yet another surgery, my husband and I finally made a tough decision. It was one we’ve been thinking about for a long time, because it will involve a lot of personal and financial sacrifice for my entire family. 

But we are determined to make our son’s dream of owning his own coffee shop come true – and that’s why we’re happy to announce we’ve secured a place for Jacob’s Brew

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Jacob and his family representing Survivors Malta!

Jacob will be running a coffee shop with a difference. Apart from great coffee, we will be initiating a ‘pay it forward’ system whereby every customer will have the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ with a coffee that will be given to families who are facing some form of trauma. 

Whilst the front of the shop will be utilised as the coffee house, the back of the premises will be designated as the meeting hub and offices for our NGO Survivors Malta. As a family we will also be donating a percentage of our profits to Survivors Malta, to help fund projects and initiatives that will ultimately help Survivor families along their road to recovery.

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People who have followed our story know that this has been a huge goal of ours for a while now. It’s not only the next big step forward for Jacob, but also for the Survivors Malta. There is still a lot of work to be done in gutting out and refurbishing the premises, but we know in our hearts that we can and we will make it happen!

If you want to help Jacob and his family make this dream a reality, you can find out more on how to contribute here.

Share this post if you wanna see Jacob’s Brew packed with people on the day it opens!

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