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‘I Was Always Daddy’s Girl’: PL Whip Naomi Cachia Posts Touching Tribute To Father

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Labour Whip Naomi Cachia posted a touching tribute to her late father Noel Cachia, who suddenly passed away at 68 years old.

“How did you leave me like this all of a sudden? I am waiting for you to knock on my door and ask if I need anything, at least a mug of tea – because you know I like yours the best,” she said.

“How can I live without you? You are everything to me. I am who I am thanks to you. You raised me with all the care in the world. I was always Daddy’s girl. When I was a young girl, you took me everywhere with you and you always taught me what is right and fair.”

She described her late father as a man with a heart of gold who lived his life in service to others.

“Although you were never a politician, you acted as the best possible one, always ready to help everyone. I cannot be a drop of what you were.”

“I am currently sitting at your desk. Everything is organised, planned out, and labelled – a clear sign that I didn’t take after you in everything.”

“And what about the animals you left behind in your farm? They are already missing you and I don’t know how I will take care of them. You had a dream you never fulfilled but at least we started it together. As usual, you paved the path for me to follow.”

“I hope you know that I was holding your hand at the very end. I would have done many things differently if I had known that we wouldn’t have had much time left together. I feel so sad that I was so caught up in work and stress to appreciate the simple and beautiful things in life. I didn’t know, forgive me.”

“I hope you know that I am as proud of you as you were of me. Wherever I go, everyone always asks me about you. I love you too much. Mummy and I are nothing without you. I will love you forever Pa, until my last breath.”

Lovin Malta extends its deepest condolences to Naomi Cachia and her family in these troubling times.

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