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I Went To A New Rage Room In Malta And Destroyed Modern Tech To Release Some Steam

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Rage rooms are all the rage (don’t hate me) abroad – and with more and more companies popping up around the world, it was only a matter of time before one opened up in Malta.

Never heard of a rage room? It’s basically permission for you to put on some protective gear and go wild for about 15 minutes, destroying everything you possibly can with a variety of sledgehammers, baseball bats and golf clubs.

So when RageRoom Malta in Attard invited Lovin Malta to come by and take out any frustrations on a variety of technology and glass, we had to say yes and check it out.

Two of the eight rooms available

Two of the eight rooms available

First thing’s first – you need to sign a waiver just in case you get hurt.

A 15-minute experience will set you back €30, during which you’ll get access to two rooms – the technology room, and the glass room.

After you’ve signed the waiver, you’ll put on a boiler suit, protective glasses and a visor, and your experience will be about to begin.

The philosophy behind rage rooms is pretty clear – instead of losing your mind during a road rage episode or bottling up any angst and aggression you might have picked up, pick up a crowbar and take it all out on an old TV set.

Which is exactly what we did. 

A nice touch was being able to choose the music you want to destroy items to.

We went with some classical Mozart of course, but others had chosen everything from pounding techno to heavy metal as their soundtrack to destruction.

Before you step into the rooms, you have a selection of weapons to choose from. We tried the crowbar, golf club, hammer, sledgehammer, and baseball bat, and each have their pros and cons, though smashing things with a bright crowbar is the best way for you to live out your gangster fantasies.

Just place an item on the barrel provided, and go crazy.

It’s pretty exhilarating to see entire items be reduced to pieces – though breaking a television or laptop down actually takes a bit longer than one would expect… those things are pretty sturdy.

And if you want to break a specific rarer item – say, a PS4, or a wide-screen TV – you can also request them at an extra cost.

After demolishing a TV, a laptop, part of a fan, video cassettes and some other items, we headed into the glass room.

Now you don’t need us to tell you that glass has a totally different texture than plastic and metal – but you’ll never have truly understand how fragile glass is until you’ve golfed a couple of empty bottles.

Line them up and tee off to your heart’s content.

And if you have the reflexes for it, definitely grab some bottled and throw them into the air before slamming them with your trusty baseball bat.

All in all, it was a tiring and cathartic experience.

Now, we didn’t have any particular rage that we needed to address, and just wanted to go along for the ride – but seeing videos of some of the other clients is proof that they probably (read: definitely) need some form of violent outlet that isn’t just video games.

We can probably expect to see more rage rooms appear around Malta as the trend picks up steam.

But if you want to get rid of some of your pent-up steam and have 15 minutes to spare, you might want to head down to Attard – the only question is, are you starting with the sledgehammer or crowbar?

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