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‘I Will Not Make A Pact With The Devil And Sell The Country’ Says Robert Abela Right Before First PL Leadership Bid

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A top Labour Party MP who is believed to be interested in running for PL has taken to Facebook with a fiery rant where he said he is not ready to sell his country or the Labour Party itself for a “seat”.

“I declare that I am not ready to participate in a pact with the devil to buy a comfortable seat for myself, and sell the country, the Labour Party, or the genuine Labourites, all hidden behind a fake excuse of unity,” Robert Abela said today.

He warned that he would not accept compromises that would “tie his hands before I begin”. Abela continued by saying he didn’t have a “blind and rabid ambition” to have the Prime Minister’s power in his hands.

“Unity is kept through honesty and by being honourable and following the correct route. Is it possible that in all this trouble we still haven’t learnt anything?”

Abela posted his strongly-worded message shortly before Chris Fearne officially announced he would be running for the leadership of the PL, supported by Ian Borg.

Lovin Malta sources said there were efforts behind the scenes to ensure Chris Fearne is uncontested so Joseph Muscat could leave earlier than originally planned. The plan involved Robert Abela to become deputy leader for party affairs and Ian Borg to become deputy Prime Minister.

Who do you think should be the next leader of the Labour Party? Let us know in the comments below.

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