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‘I Won’t Let Any Party Use Me’: Trans PN Candidate Claps Back After Sexist Image Goes Viral

A PN candidate has clapped back after a sexist meme about her went viral among certain circles, reiterating that no political party in Malta has a “monopoly” over the LGBTIQ+ community.

“People in the LGBTIQ+ community are not hostages of any party or government. I’ll be the first to say that I will not let any party use me,” Angela Coleiro said.

Her comments came after a slew of support from key politicians in Malta following the spreading of a derogatory image that implied that just because she was transgender, she was “horny”.

The ridiculous image, which seemed to have circulated in certain Labourite circles, was soundly condemned by Labour’s Rosianne Cutajar, the junior Reforms Minister, and Cyrus Engerer, the newly-appointed MEP.

“I have a mind just like everyone else,” Coleiro continued. “Just because one party introduced some rights, doesn’t mean we need to agree with the rest of that party’s politics. No party has a monopoly over us.”

Cutajar called the the words used in Coleiro’s regard “derogatory, sexist and homophobic”.

“We are not smiling,” she continued. “And another thing – let’s stop calling every woman we don’t agree with a prostitute.”

Engerer said the attack was “disgusting”.

“I condemn this. Every LGBTIQ politician ends up the victim of homophobix attacks, and often times we don’t even discuss them – maybe because we’ve become accustomed to living in a society where homophobic slurs are the norm.”

What do you make of this attack and subsequent condemnation?

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