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‘If You Can’t See Me, I Can’t See You Either’: Maltese Truck Driver Gives Health And Safety Advice To Motorcyclists

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A Maltese truck driver has taken to social media to point out the lack of visuals he experiences when driving – and how motorcyclists can avoid getting caught in his blind spots.

“Guys as a truck driver and ex-biker I wanted to get your attention to keep your distance from large vehicles like trucks or trailers,” the Maltese man said.

“I took these photos near the lights at Tal-Barrani. The first picture shows what I can see from my seat. The second picture was taken from a greater height,” he continued.

“I wanted to share these photos with you because motorbikes enter in front of me and people cross in places I cannot see every day. It’s good to be conscious of the dangers of being near a truck because they have a lot of blind spots.

As you are seeing here, when you drive in front of a truck, the probability is that the driver can’t see you.

“Always remember that if you cannot see the truck driver, he cannot see you either.”

The advice comes after a top Maltese athlete was forced to cancel tournament plans and recover in hospital following an incident with a truck, and months if not years of bikers calling for greater respect and safety on the Maltese roads.

What do you think of the trucker’s tips?

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