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‘I’m Ashamed For Them’: Malta Reacts In Disgust At Crowd Egging Man On To Commit Suicide In Valletta

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Maltese social media has reacted in disgust at the actions of a Valletta crowd calling for a man to commit suicide from the bastions near the capital city’s entrance.

As images of a man pacing along the Valletta bastions went viral online, footage shared by the Times of Malta showed people within a crowd underneath the man egging him on to jump.

The man was talked back into safety by police officers on the scene – but not before a crowd were captured telling the man to get on with it.

“Hurry up and do it so we can get back to work,” said one person. “Go home and stop wasting everybody’s time,” said another.

Online, people were aghast at what they heard.

“Such actions reflect on all of us as a society. Are we doing enough? How do we reach those whom we haven’t been able to reach yet when it comes to mental health awareness?” Samantha Pace Gasan, Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disability, said.

“What a ridiculous, ignorant, enraging and neanderthal population! These Maltese ‘people’ are happy to encourage a man to leap to his death than offer words of support! What a country! It’s nauseating to watch!” said another man.

“Genuinely – the bar has not been lowered. It has been disintegrated into dust after such an event – I’m embarrassed for you,” said content creator Luca Lorenzo.

“Disgusting, disgraceful, and heartbreaking.”

Though today’s case of suicide ended – fortunately – without any deaths, comments like these could be the final straw that pushes someone over the edge.

As horrifying as the crowd’s comments were, the fact that so many people immediately called them out shows that there are still some people who wouldn’t dare act in such a way in such a sensitive moment.

If you or someone you know needs to talk to someone about mental health, please call 179. Alternatively, visit www.kellimni.com to get in touch online.

Were you surprised at the public’s comments said to a man on the brink of suicide?

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