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‘I’m My Own Boss’: Maltese Woman Breaks Down Life As A Prostitute

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A Maltese woman who spent twenty years working as a prostitute has detailed what she experienced in her line of work, why she believes prostitution should be legalised, and how the island’s working sex scene has changed over the years.

“Today, pimps no longer exist – I’m my own boss,”  Jane* said in a TV interview, before going on to say that she’s never had a pimp and the only pimps left in Malta are addictive drugs.

“And nowadays there are just as many gigolos – male prostitutes – that go with women,” she continued. “The career comes first for the majority of women like it used to be for men. Business meetings, good times, make a phone call or go on the website, we agree on a time, we have a good time together, and when we are finished I don’t know you and you don’t know me.”

In her open interview, Jane explains that prostitution is like any other line of work, and should be treated as such.

“Prostitution should be legalised so I can pay taxes and national insurance like everyone else, I can be safe, and so I have a right to a pension just like everyone else,” she said.

She explains that, while at work, her “body is like a machine” and that while she sleeps with different men during work hours, she’s never had a one night stand during her personal life.

“That’s just work. I don’t mix business with pleasure. This is business,” she says, “and in this line of work, you need to put on a mask.”

She clarified that she doesn’t ever kiss her clients as kissing is too intimate and how she always tells anyone she’s dating about her line of work – just like they have a job in the day, she has a job at night, she says.

Alongside Jane was Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli, who is looking into reforming of prostitution laws on the island.

Being frank, Jane said prostitution was “fast money, but it’s not easy money”.

She made it clear that clients had to obey her requirements if they were to sleep with her, which were simple: “my house, my body, my rules”.

Jane said she’s had clients from every walk of life, for reasons ranging from being shy with women to a lack of sex with their married partner to wanting to be dominated.

When asked if she felt bad sleeping with married men, she was very clear.

“I don’t drag anyone by their hair into my home. And some men’s wives are either going through menopause or are looking at other men themselves,” Jane said. “But I don’t allow people to complain about their wives to me.”

Just because a client has paid her, doesn’t mean they own her or have bought her, she said. Indeed, since she was in control, Jane felt like she was empowered during her work hours.

“With all due respect, men are like dogs,” she said to the crowd’s laughter. “What does a dog do when you give them a treat?” she asks as she makes kissing sounds.

“Men, in those five minutes of sex, lose all their dignity and reasoning. What woman doesn’t have power over men?”

Do you think prostitution should be legalised in Malta? Let us know in the comments below.

*Names have been changed for the sake of anonymity

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