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‘I’m Ready To Give Him A Job’: Birkirkara Installer Offers Lamin Jaiteh Future After He Recovers

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As Malta does some soul-searching following the callous discarding of a worker after he was injured, one Birkirkara company has stepped forward to offer Lamin Jaiteh a job once he recovers.

“If it could help him get out of this nightmare ASAP, I am ready to give him a job with my company,” Norbert Attard from Clima755 told Lovin Malta. “We don’t operate in the building industry, but we could find something for him for sure.”

Attard’s offer comes as several lawyers have offered legal support pro bono to the man whose story has shocked the island.

Lamin was dumped in a dusty side road in Mellieħa after he fell two storeys and was grievously injured. Instead of seeking medical attention, his employer drove him to Selmun and left him injured and unattended.

“Reading about this crazy inhumane matter, I feel disgusted to be called Maltese,” Attard continued. “How could a Maltese, a human, treat another human this way?”

“You wouldn’t dump an animal this way, imagine an immigrant thousands of miles away from home and family, trying to build a future, helping out in ones business, injuring himself in such business, and being treated like this by the same businessman. Excuse my language, but I am outraged.”

A contractor from the company running the site, J&G Contractors, is being charged in court in relation to their treatment of Lamin today.

Lamin is currently recovering in Mater Dei Hospital.

If you would like to support Lamin, you can donate to a fundraiser that has been set up by Victim Support Malta by following this link.

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