'In Malta Your Politics Come Before Your Humanity' - Nas Daily's Open Letter To Malta

The vlogger has responded to new waves of support and criticism

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Nas Daily, the viral vlogger whose stay in Malta has become one of the most talked-about events of the year, has released an open letter to the people of Malta on his Facebook page.

Following an official comment reaction to PL selling t-shirts with his slogan emblazoned on them for the May 1st mass meeting, Nas has now released a long letter, available only to people in Malta, distancing himself from... well, everything. 

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The full post reads:

Statement from Nas to Malta:

I'm writing you a customized post that is only visible in Malta.  Lately, I've read quite a few articles regarding the "Oh My Malta" slogan and here is my response.

Point #1:

First and foremost, it pains me to see one party or another use the slogan as if it's theirs, or as if they are associated with Nas Daily.

I want to make it clear: Nas Daily has received $0 from anyone in Malta, especially the government. The work I did was done from the heart because I genuinely felt welcomed in Malta. I have no idea what each party stands for, but I have a strong desire not to be associated with either.

The sad truth is that in Malta your politics come before your humanity. So in the interest of keeping "Oh My Malta" clean, I don't want to involve it in politics.

In reality, "Oh My Malta" is not mine to dominate. It belongs to everybody. I just hope you use it to show the beauty of Malta and show its ugliness. It should work both ways.

My only request is that you use it responsibly and NOT for political gain.

"You guys have a great Malta. Despite the division, corruption, [insert all bad words], you're doing a lot of things right."

Point #2:

Some reporters called me "naive" for being so positive and thinking so highly of Malta. To those I say....

Brother, I am Palestinian Israeli. I know a thing or two about war, division, politics, assassinations, marginalization, and death. It was my reality for 18 years.

BUT I still deeply believe that divisions can be healed in Malta or Israel or as far away as here in Australia. I'm not naive or optimistic. I just deeply, genuinely feel that all division is temporary. 

In the short run, we are divided. In the long run, we are one. 

At the end of the day, I am not Maltese. I'm just an outsider.  But maybe you need someone from the outside to tell you that you have something great in your hands.

You guys have a great Malta. Despite the division, corruption, [insert all bad words], you're doing a lot of things right.

And upon seeing your country for the first time I was left with this weird voice in my head repeatedly saying:


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