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IN PHOTOS: Hundreds Turn Up To Save Malta’s Trees At Central Link Protest

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Hundreds have turned up in protest against the recently approved Central Link project, with 549 trees in the area set to face the axe.

The Central Link project, which will restructure junctions and lanes between Mrieħel, Rabat, Attard and Ħaż-Żebbuġ, is set to permanently destroy some 48,466 square metres of agricultural land in the area.

In a statement following the event, organisers claimed that over 1000 people attended (which cannot be confirmed), saying that this was “a clear appeal from a group of citizens with a message for our country’s leaders: stop killing us”.

“Our environment is not frivolous. Our quality of life is dependent on it, and our health is being threatened.”

“How long must we stand aside and watch the Maltese countryside being defiled for the greed of the few? We are a group of citizens affiliated with no party. The only thing that unites us is a common hope for a better environment, for a better country that will result in a better life for all those who live on our island.” the organisers continued.

The group also lambasted those who continued to make the protest a partisan issue in order to undermine their work.

Both locals and foreigners alike of all ages have attended, with people tying themselves up to trees along the road, with some also carrying placards.

The protest, however, has developed into a space where people can express their anger against measures designed to alleviate traffic but come at a great environmental cost.

Malta’s resident environmentalist Cami Applegren has turned up the event and is streaming it live:

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