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‘In The End, We Win’: Roberta Metsola Sends Out Powerful Message Against Misogyny In Malta

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Maltese MEP and Vice President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola has issued a powerful call-to-action for anyone in Malta who felt like the system was ostracising them just for being themselves.

“Here’s to all of you who refuse to be pigeon-holed; to all of you who refuse to accept casual misogyny by politicians, apologists or anyone; to all of you typecast, overlooked or ignored because of your gender, your views, your race, your sexuality, your expression or your beliefs,” Metsola began in a status that is being praised for giving voice to the voiceless.

“To all of you who have to work harder to prove yourself to people less capable; to all of you juggling, struggling and fighting every day; to all of you told you need to smile more or smile less; or wear something different; or told you weren’t “simpatiċi” or not “bla pretensjonijiet“,” she continued.

“To all of you who refuse to be anything but yourselves: in the end, we win.”

Her comments come after a government consultant insinuated that the controversial gender quota programme the current administration is pushing for was so certain women “without pretensions” whom the Prime Minister thought suitable to serve in Parliament could become an MP… even if they didn’t obtain enough votes to be elected on their own.

The comments were condemned widely, with the Association for Equality even demanding that the consultant in question be removed from government committees he advises on in light of his “misogynistic” comments.

“Hear hear,” said one woman online, while another simply said: “Thanks for finally addressing me”.

What do you think of Metsola’s strong statement against prejudices and misogyny in Malta?

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