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‘Inventions And Half-Truths’: Jason Azzopardi Slams New List Of Freebies He Allegedly Received

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PN MP Jason Azzopardi has denied a new list of freebies he allegedly received during his career in politics, from free buffets to rental cars.

The full list of freebies was revealed by Illum, and it features quite the laundry list of free items and services over the last decade.

“I note that an article has been published about me with a clear agenda, an article overflowing with inventions, half-truths and facts that have nothing to do with each other,” Azzopardi said.

The report included a number of prominent hotels and companies that allegedly would provide services for free to Azzopardi, including the Excelsior Hotel, including gym and room access, when he wanted, prior to 2013.

During this period, he would also use Tumas Group services, where he would reportedly deal directly with murder suspect Yorgen Fenech. The group would provide him a hall at the Hilton Hotel and provide food during the 2008 electoral campaign.

The list goes on to include rental services from John’s Garage as well as the recently-revealed Tel Aviv trip that saw Azzopardi’s accommodation get taken care of by Ray Fenech, Yorgen Fenech’s uncle.

Saying he had pledged not to comment on personal matters apart from saying its all a lie, he reiterated that people would soon know why these attacks on him were occurring.

“For now, I just say that no one and nothing will make me lose heart and silence me, even if I know that there will be more of these ‘articles’ coming soon.”

What do you make of these allegations?

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