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Investigation Opened Into Acidic Puddles In Qormi Valley After Dog Left With First-Degree Burns

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Malta’s Water Services Corporation has opened up an investigation into acidic puddles within a picturesque Qormi valley after a dog was left with first-degree burns.

WSC CEO Ivan Falzon told Lovin Malta that the authority will examine how the puddle formed and whether the Tal-Ħlas Pumping Station is the source.

Nothing is being ruled out right now, be it from spillage or something dumped in the valley.

It is believed that the blame could ultimately rest with the WSC with some thinking that acidic tablets were dropped by mistake and then melted away with recent rain.

The surrounding environment will be surveyed to ensure that there was no damage to the valley. WSC action came after a pet owner told Lovin Malta how his six-month-old French Bulldog, Cole, jumped into the puddles while on a walk.

Cole sprinted to a grassy patch and started rubbing, and their owner wondered if he had possibly been stung by a bee or a nettle. It wasn’t until they went home and he was rinsing him from the walk that he began noticing that his hair was falling off.

Cole was left with burns to his paw, legs, testicles, and chest.

WSC has contacted the owner to cover any veterinary costs and to help him dispose of any acidic material.

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