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Is-Serkin Forced To Close Its Doors And Prohibited From Doing Takeaways

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Malta’s most beloved pastizzeria Crystal Palace, also known as Is-Serkin, has been forced to close its doors entirely in light of the new COVID-19 restrictions.

Kenneth Ciangura, the pastizzeria’s owner, told Lovin Malta his establishment was licensed as a bar in 1981 and has therefore been lumped with all the other bars which have to close their doors as of tomorrow.

“So many people come to me everyday because I sell food they can afford; €2 is enough to buy you a ħobza. Where can these people go now?”

Ciangura questioned why his pastizzeria will have to close down entirely and won’t even be allowed to operate as a takeaway joint as it did when the pandemic broke out last March.

“It would have made sense if the authorities told me I could operate as a takeaway and banned me from selling alcohol, because at least I would have been able to continue serving people this way.”

“The idea behind these rules is to prevent people gathering together so why can’t I operate as a takeaway? Restaurants and gyms will remain open as they were but I’m being forced to shut down entirely. It doesn’t make sense.”

As from tomorrow, establishments licensed as bars will have to close down entirely while establishments licensed as snack bars and kiosks will have to close between 11pm and 5am and won’t be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages.

Several bar and snack bar owners have decried the new COVID-19 restrictions as being extremely, questioning why they are being singled out.

What do you make of Malta’s new COVID-19 restrictions?

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