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It Cost Malta €24,400 To Put On Press Conference Announcing COVID-19 Economic Recovery

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Prime Minister Robert Abela’s press conference to announce Malta’s plan for Malta’s COVID-19 economic recovery cost the nation €24,400, new figures have revealed.

On 8th June, Abela held a lavish press conference at Fort St Elmo in Valletta to announce a €900 million stimulus package for Malta, which was based on three key principles designed to keep businesses, consumers, and the economy going.

Following a parliamentary question from PN MP Ryan Callus, Abela revealed that the total cost was €24,411.50, also giving out a breakdown of expenses.

Around €10,000 was spent on staging; a further €7,000 on LED screens; €2,489 on lights; €2,420 on carpeting; €1,495.50 on sound; and €1,007 on seating.

Six companies benefitted from the press conference: RVC Ltd, Nexos Lighting, TEC Ltd, iCreate Ltd. Besteam Audio Ltd., and iStage Ltd.

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