Italy Forced To Officially Apologise After Policeman's Horribly-Sexist Insults Against Maltese Ambassador

Vanessa Frazier has had a 25-year career in Maltese foreign affairs

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An official statement has been released by the Italian Embassy following sexist comments made by an Italian policeman against Malta's ambassador to Italy.

Phoning the Maltese Minister for Foreign Affairs Carmelo Abela, Italy's counterpart Moavero Milanesi apologised for the incident and referred to the insult as an "unspeakable" one.

The policeman's post on Facebook targeted Malta's ambassador, Vanessa Frazier, and called her a "mignotta da night", essentially a whore. The comments were made above an article he shared that highlighted Frazier's controversial speech from earlier in the week following Italy's sudden hard-line on migration.

"Siamo propio un popolo di deficienti...presi in giro da una che a Malta faceva la mignotta da night..." ("We are truly a nation of simpletons, taken for a ride by a woman who, in Malta, works as a whore...") read the Facebook post that forced the apology.

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Apart from the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs reaching out, Italy's ambassador to Malta, Sammartino, also stepped forward to officially condemn the statement and express his solidarity with Frazier.

The article in question highlighted Frazier's now-infamous quote, in which she said: "between Africa and Malta, God saw fit to put Italy". This statement was made to turn Italian Home Affairs Minister's incorrect logic on its head, after Salvini said Malta was closer to Africa than Italy is, seemingly forgetting Lampedusa existed.

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