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‘It’s A Catastrophe’: Malta’s MEPs Speak Out On Biggest Climate Action Day In World’s History

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As the summer begins to draw to a close and politicians all around Europe begin their work after this year’s European elections, our Maltese Members of the European Parliament have been making a push for strong climate action to be taken.

Two days ago, Labour MEP Miriam Dalli said that she “wanted a European Union with a strong voice that is not afraid of presenting a programme for climate action.”

“The Climate Action Summit and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Summit are critical in helping us addressing the global climate emergency.”

She added that she will form part of a European Parliament delegation attending travelling to New York for the upcoming General Assembly of the United Nations and that she will use the occasion to focus on the need for the world to take action to address climate change and sustainable development.


Meanwhile, Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola warned that we have moved from a climate emergency to a climate catastrophe and said the time has come for action.

Making reference to the Amazon Fires, she also said that  “against the backdrop of unprecedented climate change and deforestation at levels we have not seen before, the earth’s lungs are quickly filling with smoke.”


Newly elected PL MEP Alex Agius Saliba also made reference to the situation, directly criticising  Brazilian President Bolsonaro and implicating him for the recent fires in the Amazon rainforest.

“The Amazon produces 20% of the oxygen in our atmosphere and these ‘accidental’ fires have increased by 85% under the extreme right government led by Bolsonaro,” he said.

Today, 20th September, has been billed as the biggest day of climate action in the world’s history. Several people across the world, including in Malta, will participate in ‘climate strikes’ where they will urge their governments to take immediate action to tackle this pressing problem.

What action must be taken to tackle climate change?

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