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It’s Good To Give! Dar Tal-Providenza Launches Fundraising Campaign Following Drastic Decrease In Donations

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Dar Tal-Providenza, a local care home for persons with disabilities, has just launched a new fundraising campaing called ‘Sabiħ Li Tagħti’ – ‘The Joy Of Giving’.

The care home is extremely reliant on donations from the general public, which went through a slump during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, costs increased rather drastically, with the purchase of new cleaning equipment and the implementation of safety protocols to safeguard employees and residents.

Throughout Malta’s semi-lockdown, Dar Tal-Providenza implemented countless initiatives to keep residents happy and entertained.

A number of smartphones were provided to residents to ensure they kept in touch with friends and family. This investment was kindly brought to life by MITA and subsequently inaugurated by the President of Malta, George Vella. The aforementioned organisation also helped to modernise the care home’s technological infrastructure in a bid to facilitate teleworking for the administration team.

“We worked together and did everything possible in order to protect our residents while ensuring that they enjoy a good quality of life,” said Nadine Camilleri Cassano, the administrator of the care home. “All these measures translated into an investment of around Eu 60,000.”

Dar Tal-Providenza require €5 million every year to run smoothly and cover all the services it offers to its residents – and that all comes from the generosity of the Maltese.

In light of this, ‘Sabiħ Li Tagħti’ will be an umbrella scheme for a number of fundraising efforts that will take place throughout these coming months. These include the annual Dar Tal-Providenza volleyball marathon.

To learn more about the campaign or to make a donation, visit www.sabihlitaghti.org

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