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‘It’s Make Or Break Time’: Robert Abela Warns Of More Restrictions If People Let Their Guard Down Over Easter Weekend

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Malta will introduce new restrictions if people disobey the heath authorities’ advice on social distancing over the Easter weekend, Prime Minister Robert Abela has warned.

“I appeal for strict discipline and responsibility,” Abela said during an interview on ONE.

“Two crucial, make or break weeks are coming up and I’m not going to mince my words. If we are disciplined, we will get out of this period as quickly as possible, but if we let our guard down, we will take longer and more rigid measures cannot be excluded. If we want to go down that second direction, then everyone should go to the beach and tun outside over the weekend.”

“My reaction on Monday will be to increase measures. It’s up to the people. If there’s a lack of discipline this weekend and in the coming days, the government will increase measures.”

“I know it’s sad that we cannot organise Easter lunches. Myself, my wife and my daughter will eat by ourselves this Sunday because my parents are older than 65 and are considered vulnerable. It’s a sad situation, and we’ve never done it before, but that’s what the circumstances require us to do.”

Abela said he wants the Maltese economy to kick into gear as soon as possible, warning that the country’s fight against the pandemic won’t be considered a success if the medical restrictions stretch out for long to the detriment of the economy. 

“If we maintain the restrictions for long, we will have problems,” he said. “We must be disciplined and obey the advice of the health authorities so that we’ll be able to run out of the blocks as soon as possible. If Malta starts running quickly, we will have an advantage over other countries in terms of economic growth.”

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