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‘It’s Time To Be Extra Vigilant’, St Paul’s Bay Resident Says After Finding Doormat Rolled And Strangers Outside

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A man living in St Paul’s Bay has taken to social media after a strange incident occurred in the common area of his apartment in Triq il-Port Ruman.

“I’ve just been woken up my daughter to say there were some unusual sounds coming from the common areas,” the father, named Daniel, said.

After hearing what his daughter told him, he decided to open his door and check the halls and common area.

“I went out to check and saw a guy who I’d never seen before walking up the stairs,” he continued.

But when Daniel spoke to him, the man immediately started to leave, joining another person who was downstairs.

“I confronted him and he turned around and started going down the stairs quickly, there was someone else further down the stairs who also decided to run off too,” he said.

However, it didn’t end there – upon returning to his door, he found something very strange.

“I found our doormat rolled – I’m not sure the purpose, or if this was a sign,” Daniel said.

Daniel said he informed the police and gave them all the relevant details, and thankfully nothing was stolen – but the incident left him a bit shaken

“It’s time to be a bit extra vigilant,” he urged his neighbours in St Paul’s Bay.

Other residents responded with concern, with one asking if the main entrance to the apartments had been left open – but no, it has been locked, another neighbour replied.

Have you experienced anything like this? Contact us at [email protected] to speak confidentially.

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