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I’ve Had No Time To Mourn My Mother’s Death Yet, Matthew Caruana Galizia Admits

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Matthew Caruana Galizia has admitted he has not yet had a chance to actually mourn the murder of his mother, assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, because so much effort and energy was required to campaign for justice.

“When you’re the victim of a terrible crime, you’d expect the authorities to be there to assist you, but for us, it’s just been one long fight to make sure things are done properly,” Caruana Galizia said during an interview on Jon Mallia’s podcast Il-Podcast ta’ Jon.

“That’s been one of the worst things. In a moment where you just want to lock yourself up in your room and be alone, you have to be out there throwing punches.”

“I’ve had no time to mourn; it’s just been postponed since 2017 because my family and I haven’t had a chance to rest. It’s not out of choice but out of necessity that we’re always out there, always working for justice. It’s like that for our lawyers and the people in the campaign for justice like Occupy Justice and Repubblika too.”

“I’ll never wake up from this nightmare unless someone removes part of my brain, but we can hope to at least make things a little better.”

Caruana Galizia also expressed his gratitude for the justice vigils in Valletta that Occupy Justice and Repubblika have been organising ever 16th of the month since his mother was murdered four years ago. 

“The monthly vigil is so important to me because it’s one day a month where I feel uplifted by the actions of others,” he said. “Being there in the crowd with others who care about justice is incredibly uplifting… there are moments like that, but the majority of the time is a nightmare.”

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