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‘I’ve Lost Hope In Justice’: Maltese Singer ‘Disgusted’ After Man Who Robbed Her At Knifepoint Has Jail Sentence Reduced

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One of Malta’s leading female metal vocalists has opened up about what she is calling a miscarriage of justice after a man who attacked her and held a knife to her throat before stealing her bag was given a reduced sentence in court due to a failure within court to value the stolen items correctly.

Back in 2018, Mikaela Attard had been attacked by Munir Mohammed Ali Gammudi near St George’s Bay, St Julian’s, using a knife on her before escaping with her bag, before eventually being stopped by two security officials at a nearby club.

“I am beyond disgusted, distraught, disappointed, and officially lost hope in justice. This is now what Malta deserves,” Mikaela said following the news that Gammudi had his sentence reduced on appeal.

He had been convicted of theft aggravated by violence and sentenced to three years in jail. But the court has now reduced his sentenced to 18 months, minus the time he’s already spent in preventive custody.

Mikaela during one of her performances

Mikaela during one of her performances

Mikaela, who still vividly remembers the “cold blade of the knife” on her throat, has been left shocked by the court’s decision.

“I have been tormented since the attack last February 2018, a massive shock, psychologist sessions, developed allergies in my throat as determined by the ENT, lawyers and all that followed!” she continued.

“Who is going to be responsible when this guy kills someone now?” she asked.

While her attacker was originally going to be charged with murder, the charges were eventually dropped.

Indeed, she is distraught at just how many things her assailant was allegedly able to get away with during these last few years.

“This is even more unbelievable,” she said. “He actually attacked another girl before me, trespassed into a private residence in Kercem Gozo, assaulted its three owners and threatened them with a knife as well, he was caught trafficking drugs within 100m of a school, he went to court in a wheelchair as he claimed he injured his leg whilst the police were chasing him. An off duty policeman was injured as well by this thug who had a knife in his possession. He threw a glass at a group of people, and when he was ordered the stop by the police, he produced a knife, and spit at the policeman. This is as well as claiming himself having psychological disturbance.”

“And his attempted murder charged got dropped after a series of hearings and final decision by the Magistrate because he ‘was defending himself’, I was told… ” she said.

“Yet I, that was minding my own business in Malta, where I’m born and am from, and was attacked with a knife to my neck, held against my will as I was sitting down, asked if we had a boyfriend and then he leaves and runs back to me to stab me in my stomach by this Libyan looking for trouble… What am I then?” Mikaela asked.

“I live in a country where a guy that attacks you is described as ‘was defending himself’? This is a joke!”

Saying Gammudi got a “better deal” after making an appeal heard by Madam Justice Consuelo Scerri Herrera, she said that all the courts had to say to her was: “The prosecution failed to prove evidence.”

“How is that?” she asked. “When all my stole items were demanded to be shown at the police station right away when we had to go with the police to the hub and the police saw it all. That the evidence has been inconsistent, how is that possible when I was asked to testify once? Why wasn’t I asked to testify again if they had doubts?”

Mikaela tells the story in her own words.

“I was attacked minding my own business, having him pulling a sharp knife against my neck and screaming in Arabic to me. I was in total shock. He kept screaming and holding the knife to my throat, I could feel it, the cold blade, this was real and I honestly didn’t know what he wanted. When he saw that I looked down, he followed my line of sight and caught my handbag and ran with another guy. They ran away, so fast, when all of a sudden, he came back at me after we got up from sitting down, he ran back to us and started the attempts to stab me, multiple times, and I’d jolt back whilst he jerks the knife again against my stomach, multiple times! His friend told him something in his language and then they ran again. Myself and my friend started screaming so much, two security guards heard us and they caught the guy with the knife, the other one ran.”

What do you think of this sentence?

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