Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando Demands Police Action Against PN MEP Over Sensitive FIAU Leaks

Publication of confidential financial intelligence carries a five year jail sentence

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Science council chairman Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando has called on the police to take action against PN MEP David Casa for being in possession of a confidential Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) document. The document, which the FIAU insists is an unfinalised one, allegedly shows tourism minister Konrad Mizzi and the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri had taken kickbacks off the partial privatisation of Enemalta and the LNG power station contract. 

 Casa has pledged to publish this report in a few weeks’ time, an action will see him fall foul of the law; the disclosure of FIAU investigations is punishable with five years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to €116,468. 

“Where are the police?” Pullicino Orlando, a former PN MP who contested the last election on the PL ticket, said. “While allegations of corruption must be investigated seriously in a democratic country, criminal proceedings must also be taken against all illegalities. David Casa broke the law when he acquired and spoke about a confidential FIAU document, which some have said was written to be leaked. The police will be failing in their duty if they don’t take action against people who break the law, which after all should be equal for everyone. The people are taking note of those who are harming Malta…this isn’t a game, Mr Casa.”

Lovin Malta has asked the police whether they intend to investigate Casa for being in possession of sensitive financial intelligence. 

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In an interview with The Sunday Times of Malta yesterday, Casa said the FIAU investigation revolves around 17 Black, a Dubai company connected to Armada Floating Gas Services Malta, the owner of the tanker berthed in Marsaxlokk Bay and supplying LNG to the Delimara power station. The secret report, whose details were leaked to the Malta Independent on the eve of last year’s election, allegedly shows 17 Black had transferred money to Mizzi’s and Schembri’s two Panama companies. 

The FIAU has insisted the report is an unfinished one, but Casa has argued it is a conclusive one that the anti-money laundering agency had kept under lock and key for over a year, “testament to the agency’s political capture”. 

Casa pledged to publish the report in a few weeks’ time after analysing it fully, and said he is seriously considering presenting it in court so as to trigger a magisterial inquiry. 

“We are following paper trails, looking into visits made by Konrad Mizzi and usage of credit cards,” he said. “The conclusion from it is that he must be investigated by the police. It cannot be published now as it is still being analysed. Once this happens, it will surely be the most damning report on Dr Mizzi.”

The FIAU warned Casa that the disclosure of its investigations is not only a crime, but also a brazen act that will harm the FIAU’s ability to cooperate with foreign counterparts and prejudice any ongoing investigations. 

Do you think the police should take action against David Casa? 

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