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John Dalli’s 12-Point Right Of Reply To An Analysis Of His Three-Decade Affair With Alleged Corruption

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John Dalli has issued a twelve-point right of reply over a Lovin Malta analysis detailing his long history with grave allegations concerning government corruption. 

Describing the analysis as “opus odium attack”, Dalli claimed the article was a regurgitation of “the vitriol” that “perverse criminal Daphne Caruana Galizia…exuded over a character assassination campaign of more than 20 years.”

Having been at the centre of scandal since 1987, Lovin Malta took a look at an almost three-decade affair with scandals, many of which remain unaddressed till today. 

Dalli’s right or reply, which was bookended with quotes from Pope Francis, to claims in the article are as follows:


A nickname earned after successfully acting against tax evasion.  Initiatives like tax at source, the tax compliance unit, VAT, the removal of ambiguity from tax laws brought in millions to the government coffers to enable it to reduce taxes and increase social services.


One of the fraudsters in this case came to my office … once there I called the police he was arrested and eventually arraigned and given a prison sentence.  Lo and behold, a lawyer who worked in the office of a renowned politician and who was later elevated to the judiciary, managed to negotiate his liberation.


My unpaid consultancy was to improve health delivery by the Health Ministry especially to Mater Dei.  This was a service to the Maltese People.  I wrote a report which is published.  Joe Muscat, in the same way as Lawrence Gonzi before him, did not have the courage to confront the health professionals as advised in my report,


Another attack using my family.  The Customs department took immediate action against all concerned   The police could not substantiate any case and the case is still pending after more than 30 years.  I did not exercise any influence in the procedures taken in this case.


I was against the what I considered wasteful specifications and against the association with the San Raffaele crowd, Louis Galea was given total control of the project which he managed through his people of thrust in FMS.  I did not handle the plans, the contracts or the adjudication of any tender.  I did not introduce any contractor.  On the contrary, at the end of the contract, when the consortium was requesting millions, I was entrusted to negotiate with them and managed an agreement that slashed millions from their demands.  Behind my back Lawrence Gonzi gave the consortium the millions that they had forsaken as well as removed the liability clause for damages.

Mixer was never awarded any contract to supply concrete to Mater Dei but acted as a subcontractor to one of the main contractors. 


It is false to state that the loan to Daewoo was made by BOV when I was involved with the company.  Even more so that I received any kickback from the deal.

There is ample proof that Joe Ellul Grech forged bank statements and destroyed his computer hard disk when his attempted blackmail failed.  For some reason, the police did not manage to persuade the court about this.  I am informed that the anonymous letters were printed in a stationary in Mosta and were mailed in envelopes that came from the House of Representatives.  I am informed that a Nationalist MP had an accident in Floriana and the police found hundreds of these letters in his car boot.


The Mid Med Bank Privatisation was discussed during several sessions of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee and no allegation was substantiated.

This privatisation was a strategic decision to launch the financial services sector which I had set up at the time.  The results of the financial services sector prove that this decision was correct and effective.  So does the reform in the banking sector which this privatisation brought about.  Would Julian Bonnici or his mentors understand this?  I wonder.


The IRISL story is a false story and when it broke up I gave documented proof to Lawrence Gonzi that I met IRISL on the instructions of then Foreign Minister Joe Borg.  

I maintain that my resignation from Cabinet was a fraud perpetuated by Gonzi and his Castille entourage.  The airline tickets were an excuse as in fact they were bought at a much cheaper price than Air Malta’s.

Just before the election of 2018, Gonzi and I held a joint press conference in which Gonzi declared publicly that I always acted correctly and that nothing could be held against me. 


I resigned in 2010 because I was appointed EU Commissioner. The rest of that section is absurd.  My brother’s housing contract was given years before and as to Adrian Baldacchino, I am unaware of what Julian Bonnici is referring to.


My granting of land in Qormi to Marsovin was to construct a beverage factory which provided employment and competition in the beer market.  The grant was conditioned to its use as a beverage company.  This grant was given after approval by cabinet after MEPA refused to grant permission to Marsovin to build the factory on land it had purchase when protestors staged vociferous protest.  Were these protesters genuine environmentalists or were they recruited for the job?  I wonder.

It was Jason Azzopardi who changed the lease condition so that Zaren Vassallo could buy the land which he then converted into a trade city,

Jason Azzopardi tried to state that he was constrained to do this.  He was contradicted by the Auditor General and the Director of Lands.


I returned to Malta one week before Rizzo resigned. The police were informed by my lawyer of the date of my arrival before my arrival in Malta. At that time Rizzo must have realised that his political lord and master was no longer in power and his political protection had disappeared.

“Dalli did meet with tobacco lobbyists at Peppi’s Restaurant, which is owned by Zammit, in February 2012.” – This is the false statement that the Swedish Match employees were advised by OLAF and Police.


I will not comment on this as the case is still sub judice.  But there is a lot to say when the case closes.

Suffice it to say that this case is just starting to be heard after three years of inaction by the police.


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Julian is the Editor at Lovin Malta with a particular interest in politics, the environment, social issues, and human interest stories.

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