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Join Malta’s Search For The Owner Of This Lost Ring

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Do you know somebody called Anna who got married in December 1976 and may have lost her wedding ring in Malta? If so, we’re looking for her, and so is the rest of the country. 

A Facebook post by Corsair Diving Malta has already been shared more than 2,750 times. It shows a photo of a gold ring that was found at the bottom of Wied Iz-Zurrieq in Qrendi. 

The inscription reads “Anna” with the date “7-12-76” on the inside – and many people believe it was lost and must therefore be returned to its rightful owner. 

Obviously there could be other possible explanations too. Maybe this was a real-life Titanic ‘Heart Of The Ocean’ moment and was deliberately thrown into the sea for posterity. Maybe it was the bitter end to a breakup. Maybe Anna perished in the sea and this is all that remains of her.

But we’re all hoping for a less morbid ending this Easter. 

Who knows? Maybe the future of civilisation rests with this ring being reunited with its rightful owner.

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Share this post and tag every Anna you know (preferably over the age of 60)!

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